Yes. I am lawyer. But I also build things.

When recently quasi-pitching a somewhat out-there startup idea to a friend, he initially responded with, "Wait, aren't you a lawyer? WTF?"

Yes, I am a lawyer.  A good one. You can learn more about my firm here:


But I also love to build things. Impactful organizations. Amazing teams. Sustainable businesses. A disruptive product from an idea.

I also love to help others do the same thing by providing counsel and guidance; a critical eye; a sympathetic ear; and an occasional infusion of capital.

To that end, I founded High Mountain Ventures, LLC (HMV) in 2012.  My intent? Apply the model of some of the greatest investment funds, VCs, angels and entrepreneurs to the progressive world.  And never wait for opportunity to come, but to create it.

Here's a little video to intro you to HMV's foundational objectives and goals:

So, I am a lawyer+.  What that "+" may encompass is yet to be defined.  But I know it will be DISRUPTIVE, INEVITABLE, EFFICIENT and SUSTAINABLE.