The Perils of GroupThink in Policy and Politics

My RANT for the day / week -

Enjoying a little personal reading and came across this paragraph.

Insert "policy or politics" for the words "investment(s)" or "investing" in the paragraphs below and you get a quick overview of much of what I wholeheartedly believe has gone wrong with the progressive infrastructure / Democratic Party in Ohio - the quashing of fresh ideas by tired groupthink:

Group decisions about investments were all too often compromises, the worst kind of decision-making in investing when interpersonal accommodation muddles creative thinking, rational decisions, and decisive action; and trying to forge a consensus from competing, even conflicting, differences of opinion resulted in social and mental exhaustion.

Cross-sterilization was more likely than cross-fertilization of insights and ideas. This is particularly harmful in investing where the best ideas are often tentative and “soft-shelled” at their earliest, and potentially most profitable, stage.

If investing is all about creativity and making unusual, unconventional, and even unpopular decisions, great investment decisions are best made by individuals taking direct responsibility for the results of their own acts.
— Ellis, Charles D. (2011-07-20). Capital: The Story of Long-Term Investment Excellence

J A Ruppert