Jeff and RCO Launch INDIVISIBLE.LEGAL to assist progressive organizations!


You can visit the site here: or

You can also interact with the team through Facebook and Twitter.'s goal is to assist and guide independent Indivisible groups as they lawfully create, organize and deploy under-utilized, but existing tools and organizations to ENGAGE VOTERS, WIN ELECTIONS, AND INFLUENCE POLICY.

Today saw the posting of the first two sets of educational materials (in an intended regular series): 

  1. Presentation/slides that outline recent use of independent organizations (ex: 501(c)s and SuperPACs) as powerful tools for the development of policy and winning elections; and
  2.  Quick reference chart outlining some of the DO's and DONT's for 501(c)s and SuperPACs.

Indivisible and other progressive activists are encouraged to contact Jeff to schedule training and consultations as they work to TURN ADVOCACY TO ACTION!

As always, Jeff and RCo's goal is to serve the political, advocacy and startup communities and help them THRIVE in challenging environments.

So much more to come.